Kansas Orff - AOSA Conference Registration Scholarship
This scholarship will pay the registration cost for one teacher to attend the AOSA conference each Fall. Those applying for the scholarship must be first time attendees to the conference. The scholarship does not include transportation/airfare, meals, lodging, etc. It only pays for the registration cost to the conference. It will be awarded during the summer Orff-n-Running Workshop. Those interested do not need to be present at the Orff-n-Running workshop. The scholarship winner will be announced after lunch on the Saturday of the workshop. The winner will need to pay their registration to AOSA, sending the receipt to the KOC treasurer to be reimbursed. They are also responsible for paying their AOSA membership dues. The KOC will pay the Early Registration Fee for an AOSA member only ($279). The Early Registration Fee ends September 1st. If the recipient doesn't register by this date, they will have to pay the difference in registration costs.

Applicants need to apply online NO LATER THAN September 1st.

The recipients must be members of the Kansas Orff Chapter.
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